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Creating Shared Value

NESTLÉ PURE LIFE devotes itself to continually improving the quality of its products. This includes our commitment to:

Creating Shared Value – a principle where value for NESTLÉ also creates value for society. We’re actively engaged with multiple social and environmental initiatives including:

Creating Shared Value

Healthy Hydration

Drink Better. Live Better.™ with NESTLÉ Waters

As the leading bottled water company in the US, NESTLÉ Waters touches millions of families’ lives every day. In 2013, it announced its support of the Partnership for a Healthier America’s new Drink Up initiative. Drink Up is the first programme of its kind. Its aim is to guide people to drink more water – one of the most effective ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle. NESTLÉ PURE LIFE promoted their partnership with Drink Up through packaging of bottled water products, company trucks, advertising, and social media conversations with both English and Spanish-speaking audiences. In 2014, NESTLÉ Waters also launched its Drink Better. Live Better.TM rewards programme with the goal of helping make drinking water more fun for families by redeeming points collected for a variety of rewards.

Time to Move Against ‘Obesity’

Our ‘Time to move against obesity’ campaign in Turkey aims to highlight the importance of healthy hydration and exercise in the fight against obesity. More than 30% of the Turkish population is obese, and drinking water instead of sugary drinks can be part of the weight loss solution since it contains zero calories. In May 2013, a major press release for the initiative was launched. It included a nutritionist and dietician, two Turkish celebrities and representatives from the Turkish Association for the Study of Obesity. The ‘Time to move against obesity’ campaign included national newspaper advertisements, guerrilla marketing, social media activity, television programme sponsorship and an Obesity and Diabetes Summer Camp. Started in 2013, the campaign continued into 2014 and has doubled its impact, reaching over 21 million people with its message of what you drink being as important as what you eat.

Water Stewardship

Since 2013, NESTLÉ Waters has sent a water task force, made up of experts from its Headquarters Office and Production & Technology Centre, to water bottling sites. Over a two to three day period, the team identifies opportunities and recommends actions to help the site improve water usage. Over the course of 2014, our water bottling site at Uludag in Turkey improved water efficiency by 5.1% thanks to improved water treatment processes.

PET Lightweighting (Reducing the Amount of Material Used)

NESTLÉ Waters Thailand

In 2013, NESTLÉ Thailand reviewed the design of its small bottle sizes, including the NESTLÉ PURE LIFE PET plastic bottles, which included replacing the 0.5L bottle with a new 0.6L bottle. This optimization resulted in an average weight saving of 10% for the 0.6L and 1.5L formats, and an overall PET savings of 850 tonnes.

Nestlé Waters Optimizing Packaging Weights

NESTLÉ Waters has again made significant efforts towards lightweighting by optimising packaging weight throughout the world. Since 2012, the company has rolled out its best-in-class bottle for its PURE LIFE brand in 32 sizes across 12 markets, saving 7,200 tons of PET. In 2014, our 60cl and 150cl bottles were renovated in Nigeria, with an expected 12-month saving of 172 tons of PET (bottles) and 43 tons of PE (caps) by June 2015; new 150cl bottles in Brazil saved more than 97 tons of PET in the last quarter of 2014, and are expected to save a further 332 tons during 2015.

Community Actions

At the NESTLÉ PURE LIFE factory in Blida, Algeria, the community relations programme identified key stakeholders, invited community, religious and educational leaders to open discussions at the factory, and worked with them to agree on ways to address their issues. Local concerns centred on traffic noise, traffic volume and road safety.

An action plan was developed and has resulted in improved traffic signals in front of the local school, raised road safety awareness, and a parking zone at the edge of the village to avoid a rush of trucks coinciding with school start and finish times. To provide further opportunities for local economic development, the factory has also set up a literacy programme, attended by 22 women villagers to date, and conducted a skills audit of local people, which led to some of them being selected as local distributors and considered for relevant jobs at the factory.

These are more than words; they are an important part of our business strategy. For example, while NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is global in brand name, local sourcing and bottling is central to our approach. This keeps our bottling close to major consumption areas, limits transport distances and reinforces the brand’s commitment to sustainability. It also means NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is readily available with wide geographic coverage.

Quality Means More

NESTLÉ PURE LIFE is in fact only one brand within the NESTLÉ family where quality goes well beyond the product itself. Throughout the world and across NESTLÉ brands, we’re involved in a broad range of social and environmental initiatives that together make quite a difference. Actually, it’s how we’ve always done business at NESTLÉ and part of what we call Creating Shared Value. For us, caring about the wellbeing of others and the environment is integral to our promise of improving the quality of life through good food and beverages everywhere. Our commitment to great tasting and trusted products has and always will be tied to our respect for the environment and the people we work with including communities where we operate. At NESTLÉ quality means more.

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Good Food Good Life

Please Note: The examples provided are not an exhaustive list of all Nestlé Waters CSV initiatives. Also, please note that CSV initiatives may change from country to country.