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The Taste of Water

The Taste of Water

NESTLÉ PURE LIFE water has a light feel and a thirst-quenching effect. Its flowing texture and inherent consistency is appealing to the whole family.

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Taste of water

Nestlé Waters launched a quest to redefine the taste of water.

A group of experts, including internationally renowned sommeliers and the tea master, Yu Hui Tseng, the only woman among the top ten world-class experts working in this field, set off on a mission to reveal and distill its taste. With the involvement of Nestlé Waters’ sensory analysis and hydro geologist experts, this tasting team, comprised of the most refined palates, captured the flavours and nuances of each water. One hundred and forty waters from all over the world have been tested, identifying their peculiarities and defining salty or sweet notes. Several consumer tests were also conducted in different countries to validate this particular approach to water.

From this study, a new classification of water taste has emerged, with a set of six families based on similarities in taste.

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